Thursday, February 02, 2012

Vent Session

I am going to vent here for a moment so indulge me...

Two and a half months ago I wrote about the fire at my apartment complex.  Well, let me catch you up with what life has thrown at me since then.  Exactly two weeks after the fire, I was at a ward activity and got hit in the fact with a hockey stick.  Long story short, I ended up in the emergency room getting 2 stitches.  Four days after that I found out there had been fraud on my credit car.  Three days later my dad went through surgery AND I was rear ended.  Fast forward a week when I take my car in to get the fire damage fixed...instead of the one day I was told, due to wrong pieces being ordered multiple times, I was without my car for four days.

Christmas came and went happily in Tooele and I thought my bad luck had changed.  Well, beginning of January I started on this cough that kept going worse so I went to the doctor. Again long story short, after two doctors appointments it was decided I had bronchitis and was put on a super strong antibiotic. That finally clears up.  We are now to last Friday.  I get a phone call from my apartment manager explaining to me that because of the fire, I will have to move out of my apartment for a few days so they can do some sheetrock and plumbing work in my bathroom.  No big deal right? They moved my mattress to an empty apartment and I moved some food and clothes to get me through.  Well, today I got another phone call today saying they had some complication in my apartment and it is going to be an extra 5 days...5 DAYS until I can get back into my apartment permanently.

(Warning: nerd moment coming) To top this all off ...a two weeks ago, I snapped my retainer into two pieces (yes I still wear my retainer...I went through too much ortho work to let it go to waste).  Well, I was fit for another one and they mailed it to me today and there is no freaking way I can even get it remotely close to fitting in my mouth.  Normally the would not be a big deal.  However, with everything else that has happened, it's just like what else can go wrong.  (Knock on wood...I have learned that anything else can go worse).

I know these things are not really that big of a deal, but with all of them together, I feel like there is no end.  There has to be something good coming, right?