Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday Wonderfuls #3

Last weekend my sister and I stayed with my best friend for a few days. 
What a weekend!!

 We filmed a commercial for UDOT. So much FUN!!

 We did baptisms at the Temple.

  We hiked the Wind Caves with my cousins family.

And had a Batman surprise party!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Because We Can See

The topic in Sacrament meeting today was obedience. One of the sisters that spoke used one of my favorite quotes of all time.

"We are not obedient because we are blind, we are obedient because we can see." 
(Boyd K. Packer, Ensign, May 1983)

I love this quote. Often times, I think people see the commandments and "rules" of the Gospel as holding them back. They don't let you "have fun" or are too restrictive. God just wants to control us and dictate what we can and cannot do.

Not so.

He gives us these commandments and "rules" because He loves us. As we live them, we see the blessings that come from doing so.

Sometimes they are direct blessings. You pay your tithing and somehow, miraculously have enough money to pay all the bills that month.

Sometimes they are indirect blessings. You don't see a specific outcome, but things just go better or you find the answer you were looking for  or maybe you don't see it at all until you look back and think, "Huh, that WAS a blessing..."

We know the desired outcome. We have been given the way to get there, but it is up to us to do it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dear Boys #20

Dear Johnny Cash,
If when we get married pink highlighters will be involved...
Love, June

Dear Captain, 
I am telling you...anyone but her!
Love, Mother

Hey! Hey! Good Lookin'
Not only are you REALLy attractive, but you smell HEAVENLY.
Love, Jess

Dear Middle Man, 
Yipee!! Good luck!!
Love, Hitch

Dear Shawn, 
Why has it been 4 months? That is awful. Just awful.
Love, Gus

Dear Pioneer Day, 
(Turns out when you don't work during the summer, you forget it's a holiday.)
Utah, people working together, Utah!
What a great place to be,
Blessed from Heaven above.
It's the land that we love.
Love, Jess

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear Boys #19

Time to bring some Dear Boys lovin' back into my life.

Dear Elder, 
Jenn wants a glittery snake belt when you get home.
(Preferably for her and each of the girls.)
Love, Big Sis

Hey, Hey Good Lookin'
It's really hard to flirt with you when you are not around...
Although, when you are around, I have a hard time stringing together 3 words, let alone an entire sentence...
Love, Jess

Dear Ned Gold, 
We will continue to work on picking up on social cues next week.
Love, Jess

Dear Single Boys Everywhere, 
(This makes me laugh every time I see it on Pinterest...
probably because there is some truth to it...)

Love, Jess

PS- If anyone can catch the obscure movie reference in this post you get MAJOR brownie points!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dear Happiness,

Dear Happiness, 

This last week I found myself in one of those downward, self-pitying spirals. Things just could not go my way. I felt unsocial, crabby, and angry. 

Then I had an epiphany of sorts...but not really, because I already knew this, I had just forgotten in the moment.

No one make you unhappy but you. This is a choice, not a consequence. The things that I was using an excuse to be unhappy were just excuse. I didn't have to be unhappy. No one else really cared if I was happy or not. So why was I? 

Worrying about things in the past can't change anything. Worrying about things that really have nothing to do with me doesn't fix anything. Getting upset by something that you really don't care about only raises your blood pressure.

So, I decided to be happy.

Love, Jess

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


I am kind of "Dear Boys"-ed out right now. I don't really have anything nice to say to them at the moment. So I am not going to say anything at all. Instead, let's talk about two things I am obsessed with right now. 

1) This song. In case you haven't heard it yet, I am conveniently posting it in video form below. I know it's not a relatively new song. But in the last week or so I have become OBSESSED with it. I like the words. I like the music. I like the feel. What song are YOU obsessed with?? (Because let's face it we all have that one...)

2) My family went on vacation to my favorite spot in the whole world last weekend. How can you not love this? I really wish I could capture smell in a picture!