Sunday, February 22, 2015

#jessbrain 3.0

I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to blog, started this post, decided I didn't really want to blog, decided I wanted to blog, started this post (again)...

Do you ever get one word stuck in your head? One word that seems to keep coming back to you? (I know, that sounds crazy just typing it.) Well, mine lately has been PERSPECTIVE. It is funny how life has a way of changing your PERSPECTIVE. When I graduated and was looking for a job 5 years ago, there were situations that came up that terrified me. Now that I have been completely on my own for a few years, those things don't sound as scary, more like an adventure than anything else. My PERSPECTIVE on dating is changing. I was talking to a coworker this week about my "future" and the topic of moving out of this area came up. She was very concerned when I said I wasn't opposed to moving into a more rural setting (not that I am looking for that, just not opposed). Again, PERSPECTIVE- I have lived in the "Single Mormon Capitol of the World" for 5 years now and that hasn't gotten me very far. Maybe what I need is a change of scenery.

Things at school lately, really since we came back from Christmas, have been rocky to say the least. And for once, it is not the children! That is the really sad thing. Out of the last 5 years, this is by far the best behaved group I have had. Of course they have their little things and they are a super chatty group, but there is not one trouble maker or "behaviorally challenged" student in the entire group. Our big problem is the other adults in the school. We have some very, very immature adults working in positions that have way to much power. We have things that are borderline illegal happening. Apparently we can call people names while in a professional environment. We can lie to get what we want. Let's just say it is a disaster and leave it at that. (Also, just for the record we have half, yes you read that right, HALF of our teachers retiring after this year. I am losing my entire team. It's a fight to not break down in tears at that thought.) It has been a daily battle to stay positive and upbeat, and honestly, a lot of days, I don't win that battle.

I know you are all probably sick of my fantastic news, but I get to go to Finland this summer. I AM SO EXCITED!!! The trip will be with a bunch of other educators from around the state. We will spend a few days in Sweden at the beginning of the trip, the majority in Finland, and then some days at the end in Russia. The point of the trip is to glean what we can from the Finnish education system. They have one of the most successful reading rates in the world. We will get to do some school visits, spend some time with Finnish educators, and do some visits at the university in Helsinki with members of the education department. Along with all of that, we have been promised lots and lots of sightseeing opportunities. I have never traveled abroad so I am super nervous and don't really know what to expect, but I cannot wait!!! I submitted my passport application Wednesday so things are starting to get set in motion.

I am coming to a close on #my26by26 list. I officially have 33 days (counting today) to finish. There are some I am still a little worried about getting done, but overall I am very pleased with how it has gone. I will definitely do a post when it is over and let you all know how it went!