Thursday, March 29, 2012

Annual Aggie Post

As the end of Aggie basketball season comes, it is time for my annual Aggie post.

What a season!!  No one could have asked these boys for more of a fight the last couple of games.  Not only were they winning, they were having fun and everyone could see it.  After an "interesting" start to the season (along with some unanticipated injuries) things were starting to look like it really would be a rebuilding year...the year everyone was fearing.  We saw glimpses of the potential the team had but it never seemed to stick.  A heartbreak of a WAC tournament game left everyone slightly depressed and worried.  Well, they proved us all wrong reaching a 20+ win season and making it to the championship round of the CIT, even if no one new what that stood for.  We saw guys like Danny Berger come alive.  Morgan Grim finally seemed healthy and played extremely well.  Preston Medlin, well, there are no words. Even with a loss last night, this season turned out to be a pretty good one.  And definitely an entertaining one.  

The past week, I have spent my fair share of time in Logan.  Two separate trips in 6 days,   It has been quite the week.  I got to see lots of friends from all my different social groups in Logan, go to my own surprise party, eat great food, play with glitter, and enjoy two basketball games.  Like always, it was a great time with great people and lots of inside jokes were made (that's my favorite part). 

However, sometimes, I feel like I live two different lives.  In one life, I live in Provo.  I am a college graduate that has a professional job.  I wake up in the morning, I go to work.  I do all the adult stuff like pay bills, go grocery shopping, be somewhat mature, etc.  In my second life, I get to be in Logan.  I have no real responsibility, I can play all I want, just be the immature dorky person I am on the inside.  Sometimes those lives try to mix themselves up and it doesn't work to well...but, I have come to the conclusion that having two lives isn't that bad most of the time.

Saturday, March 03, 2012


Today I would like to talk about my best friend and how awesome she is.

Jessi and I were roommates 3 years ago in Logan.  The first day I met her I was pretty sure she was terrified and never coming back.  I was moving into the apartment with 2 other girls and the only one who didn't know someone was Jessi.  When we moved in my family had come up to help so we barged into the apartment with 7 people all very loud and crazy.  Jessi got out of there as fast as she could...I was positive she wasn't coming back. Thankfully, she did.

Throughout the following school year, Jessi and I realized not only did we share the same name, we are pretty much the same person.  We think on the same brain wave (even 120 miles apart).  We literally can complete each others sentences.  It is kind of creepy sometimes.  We also have the tendency to bring out the funniness in each other (which usually means some type of random, slightly dirty comment).

When I moved to Provo, I was really nervous that we wouldn't stay as close, but was I wrong! First off, I had one of the best weekends of my life with Jessi in Vegas last March for the WAC tournament. And 2nd, I don't remember the last time I went one day without texting, talking on the phone, or chatting of Facebook with her (usually it is all three ways).  I come to Logan every chance I can and thankfully she lets me crash on her couch :)

So, the real reason for this post, was our conversation last night.  We somehow got on the topic of being coordinated and her comment was "Sorry dear, you really aren't that coordinated....well, you are coordinated but not very graceful..."  This made me laugh because #1- it is SO SO true and #2- because you know you have a good friend when a comment like that doesn't even hesitate to come out of their mouth.  She is the type of friend that would say, "Please don't wear that. You look awful" or  "Shut up, you are being stupid."  That is the friend you hang onto for a lifetime.