Tuesday, January 29, 2013

World's Garbage Can

(Disclaimer: I love my job and I don't really want to quit.)

You know it is not a good day when you cry twice before leaving work. Today is one of those days when I just really want to walk away from school and never go back.

I am getting a new student sometime this week. However, he is not your typical new student. He is just moving classes. He has been at our school since the beginning of the year. His dad is very unhappy with his current teacher and believes that switching classes will solve the problems.

I see MANY problems:

1- This puts both 4th grade teachers in a very awkward position. Especially because we are not only close as teachers but friends. Everything we do in the 4th grade is coordinated and the same. Our teaching styles may be slightly different, but the functionality of our classrooms is pretty much the same. She did NOTHING wrong and is being blind-sided by these parents.

2- Normally this would not be a problem. He has been diagnosed with Aspergers. Like I said, normally not a problem. However, I already have 2 students with Aspergers and 2 more with extreme emotional disorders. There is only so much one person can handle and deal with. Half the time I already feel like I am drowning trying to stay afloat.

3- These parents are what I like to call "garbage men." No matter what you do, they will always find something to complain about. They moved to our school from a neighboring school because they were unhappy with their teachers. They have already pulled their younger student from our school because we were not "doing him any services." It's only a matter of time until they find something wrong with me and I am the one facing the firing squad. They don't empty the garbage can they fill it.

As we were talking about this today, the other 4th grade teacher (who has taught over 20 years) said something to the affect of "20 years ago teaching was one of the most noble professions you could go into. Now you are the world's garbage can. No personal space, no feelings, no respect." I am quickly learning this is so true.

To top off my day, I got an email from a mom saying she refuses to sign her daughters reading calendar any more because all it is teaching her daughter is that I don't trust her and only believe she does her reading on the days it is signed. It is an inappropriate practice and it needs to stop now. Yep, just the cherry on top of my cake today.