Friday, April 20, 2012

Best Story EVER

So, I was told I was really bad at this blogging thing so I am trying to get better.  I have a story I thought you would all enjoy...even if nothing ever comes from it, it is a GREAT story.

A couple of weeks ago, I got new neighbers in the apartment below me, but I have never met them/seen them.  I just assumed it was another lovely married BYU couple that wouldn't like me.  (That tends to happen a lot around here.)  I left for Spring Break and didn't think much about it.

Last Friday when I got home, the people above me were being SUPER noisy but they always are so it wasn't that big of a deal.  Saturday morning I left to go grocery shopping, there was a note left at my door:  

"Hi! My name is Dan and I moved in below you a couple of weeks ago.  Yesterday I had some friends over, and they were a lot noisier than I expected!  I apologize if they distrubed you at all.  Please let me know- you can text me at ______.  I hardly hear anything from upstairs, so I'm hoping that the sound-proofing here is just really good! But if they distrubed you, I can just make sure not to invit the noisy ones over any more! :) Please just let me know if there are ever any issues.  Best, Dan"

So of course my first thought is "Sound single!" (Yep, my life has become that pathetic.) My second thought, "Call Jessi!"

Then I got around to texting him back.  I told him my name and that I got his note, thanked him for his consideration, and said that I actually thought the noise was the people above me. I got one text back ending with "see you around"....not a lot to go on so that was the end of that.

Sunday at church I asked around to see if anyone new had moved into the ward the last couple of weeks since I have been gone and no. No one.  The possibilities start running through my head.  Maybe he isn't LDS, maybe he is going to his gf/fiance's ward, maybe he is going to an old ward, maybe he just doesn't know where our ward meets (it is a mostly married apt complex)...enter Jessica to save the day and invite him to the Linger Longer!! Or not, he wasn't home.

Monday, I forgot my phone at home on accident, but figured I wouldn't be too missed. When I got home I had one missed text and I automatically assumed it was from Jessi so I didn't bother to look at who it was from.

"Jessica??? (First clue that this is NOT from Jessi. She never calls me that.) That present on my door didn't happen to come from you, did it?? Lol if it didn't I'm sure this text sounds completely random..."  So now I am scrambling to look at who this is from..and low and behold, it's from Dan in 101!

So, getting into text flirt mode, I replied, "Nope! But that is really ironic because I was going to bring some cookies down to you tonight" and I get back "Ah! You are too sweet! :) That really is a strange coincidence- when I got home from work today I found a bottle of orange juice hanging from my door knob"

Ok, what the random! (And just so you know, at this point in time, I am furiously throwing ingredients into a bowl like a madmen, trying to make cookies to take down to him.  Also trying to figure out how to resurrect my hair after playing softball tonight and what I can throw on to be cute for the night again.)

I consider several replies while on the phone with Jessi trying to figure this all out.  We decide to go with "Well, orange juice doesn't really go with pumpkin cookies, but I can still bring them down if you want them (and if you don't, its really ok).

And here is the major curveball..."Well, I would LOVE them on a weekend, but during the week I keep a pretty strict diet :( I don't know if they'd keep til Saturday...I really appreciate the thought though!!"

What the!! Now I have several dozen cookies sitting on my kitchen counter and nothing to do with them.  So I just said, "That is good to know.  I will have to keep that in mind."

After asking around for advice, I have decided my next action will be to take down some homemade bread of some sort.  (I have had zip amount of time this week to take care of this sooner.)  Really, all this is supposed to be is an excuse to meet the guy!! I have still never met him nor seen him!!!

And don't worry, my mom already thinks he is my soul mate.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Dear Boys #3

Dear Boys,

Where the heck are you?

Love, Jess