Friday, August 29, 2014

The Lord's Time Table

We often talk about waiting on the Lord's time table. "Be patient. It will happen on the Lord's time." "It will happen when it is supposed to happen." 

No one ever mentions what to do when those amazing opportunities come at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME. I am not talking just bad timing, I am talking there is literally no time that could be more awful. 

And then you get on Pinterest, and the very first pin you see is this.

And you know as much as it stinks, everything is going to be ok. No matter what happens.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dear Boys #38

Dear Johnny,
I'm back. And I'm still interested.
Love, Jess

Dear _____________,
Your enthusiasm excites me.
Love, Jess

Dear Traveler,
We are both in the same city now. This could work.
Love, Jess

Dear Chef Boyardee, 
You should have a chat with Middle Man. He may have some good advice for you.
Love, Jess

Dear B, 
I miss you. More than I thought I would.
Love, Jess

Dear Elder, 
Welcome home!!
Love, Big Sis