Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dear Children (2014-15)

Dear Children,

This year is different. This time I am the one that is not coming back. As I have finished the year, it has given me a much different perspective.

For the first time since I began teaching, I did not have a student with major behavior difficulties. I did not have to have the district psychologist in my room 3 times a week. I did not have anyone get suspended. I did not have any fights. I did not have to drag anyone (literally) in from the playground and for all of that I thank you.

This is the group of kids I have been waiting for. I knew from my first year, when these kids were in kindergarten, that there was something different, that I NEEDED these kids.

I always say I have learned more from you than you learned from me, but this year I feel like we learned together.

I've learned that a smile, a hug, and a high five can turn an entire day around.

I've learned that there is still something magical about the Magic School Bus.

I've learned I would rather have strong, confident students who know they are loved than the highest scores in the school. (Not that scores aren't important, but it's not what is most important.)

I've learned how important it is to see inside your heart.

I've learned that I will fight and fight and fight to get whatever is best for YOU, not just what is easiest.

I've learned that I need the Holy Ghost at school more than I need it anywhere else.

I've learned that passion is the best motivator.

I've learned kindness really is a chain reaction.

I've learned (or re-learned) how important time to create is - to play, to imagine, to have fun!

I've learned how important forgiveness is, and how important it is to give it quickly.

I've learned that no matter how hard and crusty you are on the inside, somewhere buried deep is a desire to learn, grow, and be better than your circumstances want you to be.

I've learned that my attitude is what you take with you and if my attitude stinks, so does yours.

I've learned to let the little things go. Our classroom doesn't need to be perfect.

I've learned that we really can make easy happen with hard work and learning. (Because in my room we don't use the "e" word.)

I've learned that you will always be mine.

Love, Miss Jensen