Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dear Boys #29

Dear Dead-man Walking,
Yes, I am a sentimental old fool. 
So what if I cried a little??
It's just good to have you back.
Love, Jess
(And that smile! Mmm-hmm!!)

Hey, Hey, Good-Lookin'
How did this happen to me again??
Love, Jess

Dear A,
#howdoigetagirl #justlikethat
Love, Jess

Dear Captain America,
I would be willing to become more than an 
objective third party with no personal interest in the matter...
just sayin'...
Love, Jess

Dear Johnny Cash,
Apparently it is just not supposed to be 
Love, June

Dear Boys,
You make everything in my life a little bit better.
Here's to the next 5 months!
Make them good ones!!
Love, Your biggest fan

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dear Boys #28

I have had a really hard time putting my thoughts and feelings into words this week. I am apologizing now if this makes absolutely no sense at all.

Sunday I went to Church with my sister. It was her ward's conference and a member of the Stake Presidency taught the Relief Society lesson. In typical fashion, the lesson was a dating/marriage lesson. At first, I just rolled my eyes and sat back to half-heartedly listen. BUT, this was one of the best dating/marriage lessons I have heard in a long time. It really made me think.

He started out by having us list the "qualities" we look for in our future husband. Someone who: honors the Preisthood, values the temple, honest, respectful, good with children, sense of humor, attractive, patient, hard worker, etc. Then he asked what our "red flags" are. Things like: lazy, easy to anger, addictions (video games, drugs, workaholic, pornography), etc. One girl said, "How does he treat those who can do nothing for him in return?"

As I got thinking about this list, that seems pretty demanding. Almost unrealistic. But then I thought about a certain group of guys I know who live up to pretty much every single one of those things. (Not only are they all EXTREMELY attractive, but they are just GOOD guys all the way around. I really wouldn't mind dating ANY of them but that is just getting off topic.) They have given me hope in the male gender. 

Today's Dear Boys is a shout out to all those who DO live up to those expectations.

Dear Gentlemen, 

Thank you. I know girls can be kind of demanding, and critical, and crazy, and unrealistic at times. But thank you for doing what you should be doing. 

We watch you. All the time. And trust me, we notice things. 

We notice when you walk up to a complete stranger to help her carry heavy water jugs across the soccer field. 

We notice when you won't let us take the trash out to the dumpster alone because it is dark and not a very good neighborhood. 

We notice when you open building and car doors for us even when it's not a date. 

We notice when you carry things out to our car for us because it is heavy and we didn't even have to ask you to. 

We notice when you give up your seat on the couch so we don't have to sit on the floor in a skirt. 

We notice when you step up and give a Priesthood blessing even though you aren't our home teacher and it happens to be an especially inconvenient time for you. 

We notice when you are extremely excited (almost giddy) to have a ticket to attend the Priesthood session of General Conference live at the Conference Center. 

We notice when you show great care and compassion to your roommate who is having a hard time.

We notice and it reminds us that there are good guys out there who will step up and be the Sons of God Heavenly Father intended for them to be.

Love, Jess

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Dear Boys #27/Wednesday Wonderfuls #4

I haven't done a Wednesday Wonderfuls in a long time and let's face it, there is a lot that is wonderful in life right now.

Luke Bryan Concert. What else needs to be said. AMAZING!!

 General Conference was wonderful, as usual. I always feel like everything is exactly what I need to hear. This time I got to spend both days (Saturday and Sunday) with some great friends hanging out and eating lots of good food. 
A few weeks ago I was able to attend a conference for my job and we stayed in the most amazing hotel room ever! It made me feel slightly guilty to be sitting in my jetted tub knowing my fellow teachers had to go to work the next day...

Now on to some Dear Boys!!

Dear MGM,
Mischief managed.
Love, Jess

Dear B,
You keep catching me by surprise.
Love, Jess

Hey, Hey Good Lookin'
Why must you torture me with your wonderfulness?
Love, Jess

Dear Captain America, 
I think we have had more awkward moments that good ones...
Love, Jess

Dear A,
I could get used to this.
Love, Jess
PS- You smell HEAVENLY!

Dear Flirty Meesen,
We are pretty cool.
Love, Grandma

Dear Boys,
16 days. I think I might make it. 16 days.
Love, Your biggest fan

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Dear Boys #26

Hey, Hey Good Lookin'
I can't stop thinking about I made shepherd's pie.
Love, Jess

Dear Shorty,
Just because there is a goalie doesn't mean I can't score!
Love, Jess

Dear Middle Man,
Glad you lived.
Love, Jess

Dear Shawn,
Flirt buddy=ok
Serious dating= NOT OK
Love, Gus

Dear John Wayne,
If only you were about 8 inches taller...*sigh*
Love, Jess

Dear Dr. Seuss, 
You are good for her.
Love, Jess

Dear Gentlemen, 
Just a hint: Girls talk. 
Open her door on the date, her friends know about it.
Don't open her door on the date, her friends know about it.
Do something great, her friends know about it.
Do something not so great, her friends know about it.
Choose wisely.
Love, Jess